5 tips to organise small spaces

Small spaces can be difficult to manage. Life feels cramped, unorganised and confusing because there is no space to put anything.

If you have small spaces, this tip to get you started – Have less stuff.

Less stuff is easier to manage, easier to clean and easier to organise – particularly if you have a small space.

What can you declutter today so you have less stuff in your home?

Here are 5 tips to organise small spaces in your home.

1. Small pantry

The biggest problem I see in client’s pantries is that there is too much stuff stuffed into them.

One of the first things I do with each pantry is sort items into categories, discarding items (donate if you can) that are out of date or that they’re just not going to use.

Each category is then given a permanent home (a container or tray or label on the shelf) in the pantry depending on the frequency of use. Frequently used items on the shelves close to the entryway and on the shelves between shoulder and knee. Less frequently used items on lower or higher shelves.

Less stuff is easier on the eye and allows you to find things you want quickly instead of staring at piles of overwhelming stuff.

Do you have too much stuffed into your small pantry?

2. Think outside the box

Whichever space you are dealing with it is important to declutter first and then find permanent homes for things and return the things to this spot, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME to maximise the space available.

I also encourage clients to think outside the box eg: if there is no room for your makeup in your bathroom, put it in a carry case in a cupboard nearby so you can simply pick it up, use it in the bathroom and then return it to the place where there is room for it to live.

What outside the box thinking have you implemented for storage solutions in your small space?

3. Small wardrobe

My first tip is always to declutter clothes that don’t fit, that you don’t wear or that are damaged or no longer fit for purpose.

Then consider rotating seasonal clothing and storing them in another part of the home, or under bed storage, or space bags (depending on the pieces of clothing in question).

There are many great portable and wall mounted clothing racks that could affordably increase your hanging space.

Do you need more wardrobe space at your house or less clothes?

Read this article if you want more help with your wardrobe.

4. Small kitchen

Running out of room in the kitchen cupboards?

Check out this frying pan rack to use the vertical space in the cupboards and make it easier to grab the frying pan you want:

5. Small office

Keep all flat surfaces clear to allow your eyes to rest and relax.

Put stationery in a drawer or a few items neatly on the desk.

Use a small table beside you for additional desk space and pack it up at the end of the day.

Keep the floor clear. Put away any boxes, and return equipment to their permanent home to give more space to move around

A clear desk will give your whole office a sense of space.

This article will also help you manage your office.

What’s next?

Try these tips in the small paces in your home today. See more ideas on the website to declutter and get organised at home.

Too hard?

Reach out to julie julie@spaceandtime.com.au to discuss your small spaces.

Who is Julie Cliff, Declutter Coach?

I love to help people learn the skills to declutter and organise their home so they are relaxed, feel in control and reduce the overwhelm felt at home and use energy and time on family and other fun stuff and rather than being exhausted.