How to talk to your partner about clutter

I’m chuffed to have recently been a guest on the “Relaxed and Raunchy Relationships Podcast” with Ingrid Galloway from Kahyangan Relationship Coaching. And I will be sharing on how to talk to your partner about clutter.

Ingrid’s work has always focused on stress, relaxation and relationships, and she is always ready to look after loving (and not-so-loving) couples, and broken/lonely hearted singles.

She explores all aspects of relationships in her podcast.

Here’s what I share:

  • how to talk to your partner about clutter and how to declutter at home without overwhelm.
  • there are many reasons that people find themselves unorganised (and they may not be what you’re expecting) and
  • I give 3 tips:
  1. To stop exhaustion from clutter
  2. To declutter the mind
  3. A place to start when you don’t know where to start decluttering

Follow the link in the image above to hear all the details.

Here’s what Ingrid shares

Ingrid shares tips on how to approach a conversation about decluttering with a messy partner. including:

  1. Communicate the impact the messyness is having on you
  2. Praise small changes in habits
  3. Empower them to pick up after themselves instead of you taking over.

Reach out to Ingrid if you are in a long-term relationship and looking at ways to destress and bring sparks back into your relationship, read more about Enhance Your Intimacy retreat here:… To get more support from Ingrid, please ask for a 30min complimentary Chat with Ingrid or to subscribe to her special videos and newsletter here:

What’s next?

Approach a conversation with your partner about clutter with kindness and patience and if you are the one that has a lot of clutter, put on a kitchen timer and start a small decluttering project today.

Who is Julie Cliff, Declutter Coach at Space and Time?

Julie helps people declutter at home so the mess doesn’t spill over into their other parts of their lives. I look forward to hearing from you if you have too much stuff and a long to-do list. or find out about Julie’s services here.