Consistent Bedtime Routine for Better Sleep

Let’s talk sleep! Many of Space and Time Clients find catching those Zs a bit tricky, which can really mess with their day-to-day lives and their decluttering mojo. Establishing a consistent bedtime routine for better sleep is essential to improving your overall rest and well-being. But don’t worry, sleep guru Dr. Andy Galpin has some fantastic insights to help us all drift off a bit easier.

Dr. Galpin’s big tip? Consistency is key. A consistent bedtime routine for better sleep is crucial. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading a book, taking a bubble bath, or doing a bit of light stretching before bed—as long as you do it every night, your body will get the memo that it’s time to snooze.

Our bodies love patterns. When you stick to a regular pre-sleep routine, you’re essentially training yourself to wind down. So, pick a few relaxing activities you enjoy and do them in the same order at the same time each night. It’s like giving your body a gentle nudge to say, “Hey, it’s bedtime!”

Now, let’s talk about your sleep environment. Dr. Galpin suggests keeping your bedroom dark, quiet, and cool. Think of your bed as a sanctuary—only for sleep and, well, you know, that other S-word. This helps your brain associate the bed with rest, making it easier to switch off.

Travelling? No problem! Try to make your hotel room feel like home. Bring along a familiar scent or a favourite pillow to help cue your body that it’s time to sleep, even when you’re away.

The science backs this up: a consistent bedtime routine and a cosy sleep environment are your best bets for a good night’s sleep. And when you’re well-rested, you’re more energised and ready to tackle those decluttering projects with gusto.

If you’re struggling with staying organised, check out our tips on maintaining an organised wardrobe and creating a functional workspace. These can help you create a more serene and clutter-free environment, which also promotes better sleep.

So, start creating that bedtime routine today. Whether it’s reading, meditating, or just chilling with some calm music, make it your nightly ritual. Your future well-rested self will thank you!

For more tips and insights from Dr. Andy Galpin, check out resources like the Huberman Lab blog, Muscle & Fitness, and the Centre for Health and Fitness. Sweet dreams!

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