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Loved being on this podcast with Leanne. Click image to listen

Space and Time clients have their say….

Improved work / life balance

I would like to say that Julie Cliff from Space and Time was an amazing help.  I am a pretty overwhelmed person who doesn’t like to say no to people and she helped me with some skills to improve my workflow, assistance with motivation. She helped my confidence by allowing me to articulate the things that I needed from those around me, she even helped me improve my email responses to clients.  I can say that she has improved my work and my work life balance.  She certainly helped me through a tough time. Cathy, Melbourne.

Decluttering for sale made easy

A big shout out to this amazing human.
Julie Cliff from Space & Time.

Packing your house AND your business whilst it’s still fully operational with staff and clients is a total head f***

After a stressful weekend of battling the elements and cleaning non stop after we had already cleaned & cleaned 😫… last night I knew that I just couldn’t do what I had to do in time .

The problem was that I didn’t arrive at this realisation till 5:30pm last night and I called Julie desperate but not hopeful she could come … Julie arrived within 30 minutes of my call.

She stayed for 3 hours and saved me from having a total meltdown. And to be perfectly clear … what Julie does in 3 hours …Helen would have done in 9!

I truly could not have achieved a house and Business that is ready for photos & video tomorrow without her.

She has being instrumental to me continuing to work full time , restructuring my business , about to launch Australia’s biggest Hypnosis conference & executing a major personal project at the same time .

To say that a Julie is efficient is a ridiculous understatement . I love this woman because she is just so good at what I hate !

Don’t do things by yourself !

Pay for Peace of Mind!
If you need help … go get it !
Someone out there loves doing what you hate !

So many people say “ oh no … I wouldn’t pay someone to do what I could do “


Spending money 💰 means that you are helping the economy churn away & the universe rewards an abundant mindset .. not a lack mindset!

I have a small army of people looking after me and doing all the things I dislike and that way I can focus on doing what I love and what I’m good at and that type of focus always pays off!

I’m so full of gratitude for all the people like Julie that cross my path exactly when I am in need 🙏

Not really happy there’s no more ice cream in the house now because I really want that right now !🤪 Helen, Bulleen

Life a little easier with 3 children under 4

I was so glad I picked up the phone to Julie to get help. With 3 children under 4 I just couldn’t get the job done on my own. I recommend her services, they’re worth every cent.

Anonymous, Coburg (September 2018)


Light at the end of the tunnel

The moment Julie posted on FB services site, I was on the phone requesting her immediate time and expertise!

Two visits later and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was a little embarrassed by how ‘disorganized’ I appeared; Julie calmly and quietly explained the science behind how normally organized people can be thrown into disarray. I had become super busy with the sale of my business to a US company and my focus had completely been around the legal and procedural processes. Hence, everything I’d practiced in my life went out the window!

Could I have done it on my own? Possibly…but not likely. Having her calming voice talk me through the decision making to keep, archive or dump paperwork and things was all I needed. I have no hesitation in recommending Julie for anyone who needs a helping hand in their day to day life and in business life.

Jeanette Anderson, Heatherton (April 2018)

Off to a great start

Thanks so much, Julie! You’ve helped me get started with some badly needed sorting or my study, and other storage areas. I’ve continued on after you’ve left and very happy with the results! I feel like I have a plan of action and that things will stay organised and not like up. Mental load lifted!

Melissa Raymond, Ashburton (April 2018)


Organization and peace

“A HUGE shout out to Julie Cliff Space and Time for helping me regain some organization and peace in my home/life.

I have always been told, if you need to clear your head, clean your closet.

Today we tackled my pantry. I just unpacked when we moved back last year and have been struggling with chaos in the pantry ever since.

Before Julie’s help there was no white space … check it out now. I can see everything and find everything. Plus I removed some growing onions!

I am so exited I may just start cooking for real again ?. But serious, I now am armed with the tools and mind set to tackle my laundry and get my photos up on the wall!!

Thank you Julie … today was so much fun and a real life changer. Amazing how something so simple and make us so happy!!!”

Gray Tham, Glen Iris (Feb 2018)


No judgement

Julie helped me sort out my disastrous office in my last home…she passed no judgment on what was an embarrassment (and she really should’ve been shaking her head at me). Julie is an absolute star; I highly recommend her to get you/your home, office, wardrobe organised!

Charmaine Krueger (Feb 2018)


Pantry done and dusted

“Julie Cliff, also helped me with my pantry just before Christmas and did an amazing job. Would definitely recommend”.

Melinda Johnston, Ashburton.


The best thing I’ve done this year

“Julie Cliff from Space and Time is fabulous, she came and spent three hours with me and we sorted two different sections of the house. We sorted and put everything back into a proper and convenient space and somehow magically I have free space for the stuff from other rooms. Getting professional organising help is best thing I’ve done this year. Thank you Julie”.

Memento Hudson, Abbotsford  (Feb 2017)


Wrangle back control from kids toys

“I’m a mum of three and freelance copywriter so I’m very busy. Julie helped me identify how to spend my time more efficiently, how to ask for help and how to get the more important things done in my day. Just by doing a little each day I have been able to achieve more. Julie also helped me with the mammoth task of sorting out my kids toys and totally decluttering the junk which I had been putting off for months because the job was too overwhelming. I would definitely recommend Julie to anyone who needs to get their life and stuff in order.”

Kate Merryweather, mum and owner of Dot Com Words, website copywriting


Brilliant professional advice

“I arranged with Julie to help me move house in 2015. At the time we were renting around the corner from the new residence. I had two young children to look after and my husband needed his friend to help move the heavy furniture. This friend also had two children of his own so my job was to unpack all the boxes whilst looking after 4 children. Not fun. Then Julie came knocking (impeccable timing) and saved my sanity. Julie was incredible. She helped clean out the previous kitchen in record time and quickly returned to help unpack and start organising the new kitchen”.

“Julie knew her way around a kitchen and offered some great practical advice on where all elements should live in relation to the oven, the dishwasher and sink. I’ve been to many kitchens since and pass on some of the great tips I learnt that day. Julie was not only amazing company, but also very professional and respectful of my belongings. Each item was rinsed, wiped and put away with care. Julie most definitely was invaluable that day and I highly recommend her services”.

Heidi Daly, Ashburton, Melbourne.


The media have their say….

Twitter 15 Jun 2017

easy meals

Progress Leader 5 Jun 2017

‘Well done on the workshop. Lots of handy hints. Julie broke it down well so hopefully we can all move on and achieve a clutter free life. We’ve been in our house for 36 years so you can imagine the accumulation!!’ December 2019