Julie Cliff Professional Organiser Melbourne

My name is Julie Cliff

I’m a Melbourne professional organiser here to inject more space and time in your busy life.

I believe in being organised

Being organised can help you feel calmer, happier and less stressed. By being organised you can focus on the important things in your life: more time with your kids and family, write that novel or finally get those odd jobs done around the house. With more time to focus on yourself you can really start achieving your goals!

I’m not naturally organised

I taught myself how to be organised, and I learnt the magic of how being in control of your routine, your stuff and your life can deliver huge benefits to your overall wellbeing.

I can share my secrets

A session with me will help you learn the easy tips and tricks that naturally organised people do instinctively. I learned them, and with my help, you can too.

I started out helping friends and family

I was telling others about the huge impact of the tiny changes I was making to my life. I was thrilled to see how I was able to help others feel more capable and in control. “You should do this for a living!” everyone said.

Now I’m a Melbourne based professional organiser, helping people like you

Whether you’re a busy employee, team leader, parent juggling children and work or just feeling like you need to get on top of your routine, your kitchen, your office or your time management, I can help.

The formal qualifications

With a degree in communications, and for many years I’ve worked for the Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club, as an executive assistant and administrator (organising others for a living = dream job for me)!

The life stuff

I have two young boys and I know from personal experience the demands of juggling work with young children, not to mention your health, the house renovations, elderly parents and the rest!

I am here to help

Contact me today to chat about what I can do for you.