Our Way of Working

Let’s Get Started:
Hey there! Welcome to the Space and Time decluttering adventure. By choosing us, you’re embarking on a clutter-free journey. We’re thrilled to be working with you. In 2024, our theme is “Organise a Simpler Life.” Together, let’s simplify and streamline your spaces, creating an environment that reflects ease and order. Read on, and let’s keep things simple!

What We Do:

  • Scope: We’re here for decluttering magic – think organised spaces and efficient time hacks. Let’s chat about your needs and goals, and we’ll customise sessions to suit you.
  • What a Typical Session Looks Like: A standard session is 4 hours, but we’re flexible. Personalised goals, open communication, and functional solutions are our focus. We will work in one area of the home in the allotted time. If time allows, we might even tackle another spot.
  • Decluttering in Action: Picture this – a typical session might kick off with our team member in your kitchen. We’ll work side by side with you to assess the space, discussing what stays and what goes. Together, we’ll declutter countertops, sort through cabinets, and streamline pantry chaos, all while working at a drawer or shelf at a time, at your pace. This same step-by-step, side-by-side process can be applied to each area of your home.
  • We’re not just about tidying up; we’re about creating systems that make daily routines a breeze. We’ll categorise items, suggesting clever storage solutions, and involve you every step of the way. Plus, we can also suggest places to donate, recycle, sell, or give away unwanted items. 
  • We understand it can be difficult to let go of things we no longer need, so we’ll be there to maintain motivation. By the end, your home will not only look refreshed but will also function as an organised haven tailored to your lifestyle.
  • This hands-on approach ensures that each space becomes harmonious and efficient, reflecting your preferences and making daily tasks more enjoyable.

What We Don’t Do:

  • At Space and Time, we don’t offer fixed quotes, as session time varies based on individual needs. We provide a complimentary 15-minute consultation before recommending a 4-hour starting session. Should more time be required, additional sessions can be booked for a tailored and efficient experience.
  • Regular Cleaning Services: We will certainly clean surfaces as we work, but we focus on organising, not routine cleaning.
  • Assistance with Daily Tasks: At Space and Time, we specialise in creating systems to enhance your daily life, streamlining routines for optimal efficiency. However, our services do not extend to undertaking daily tasks independently. If you find yourself in need of additional support for tasks such as daily cleaning, household chores, or other ongoing responsibilities, we’re more than happy to discuss options with you. We can help guide you in organising additional assistance, whether it’s hiring a cleaner, engaging a support worker, or exploring other suitable avenues. Our focus is on creating a structured and organised environment that empowers you, and we’re here to assist you in finding the right resources to complement our decluttering and organizing services. Let’s talk about how we can best support your unique needs.
  • Heavy Lifting or Moving: We optimise spaces, but heavy lifting is best left to professionals. Please arrange extra hands ahead of time if you think we will need it.
  • Home Repairs or Maintenance: We’re not handymen; consult qualified professionals for these needs.
  • Comprehensive Interior Design: We arrange for functionality, not in-depth design changes.
  • Not Your Movers: Packing and lifting aren’t our gigs, but we know cool folks who can help. We will certainly assist in unpacking at your new destination, making sure you settle in seamlessly. However, when it comes to the initial packing of your home for the move, we leave that to the experts in packing and heavy lifting.
  • Flat-pack furniture: Not our specialty, but the team member you’re working with may help at the same hourly fee, just ask.
  • Late-night Calls: Please note that we don’t respond to late-night texts or calls and won’t initiate them. For inquiries, reach out during our business hours for prompt assistance. Keep in mind that, as we have other clients to service during the day, it may take a little while to respond to your messages. Your understanding is appreciated as we strive to provide the best service to all our valued clients.

Your Role:
Your involvement is key. Be ready to make decisions, let go of unneeded items, and communicate openly. We’re here to guide, but your engagement is vital for optimal results.

Dollars and Cents:

  • Fees: Our services are $110 per hour, GST included. Pay by EFT before or on the day of service.
  • Cancellation Fee: Appointments canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice incur a fee.
  • Travel Fee: Travel exceeding 45 minutes to your home incur an additional $75 fee.
  • Donation Drop-offs: We may end sessions 15 minutes early for donations, at our discretion. Extra costs, like storage bins will be discussed before incurring any expenses.

Team Member Allocation:
Our team is usually assigned based on location proximity for efficiency. However, we’re flexible to unique situations. On occasion, an expert may travel a bit further to meet your needs. Regardless of location, our dedicated team is prepared to bring their expertise to your decluttering journey. Open communication about your preferences helps tailor our service to your specific requirements.

Our Commitment to Confidentiality:
Your private information
Rest assured, your secrets are safe with us! We’re dedicated to protecting your personal information, and we won’t share any details without your explicit consent.

Our IP
In return, as a cherished client, we kindly request that you refrain from sharing our proprietary secrets and intellectual property, including the unique organisational systems and techniques we employ. Your proactive approach to safeguarding this information ensures the preservation of our distinctiveness, upholding our competitive edge, and nurturing sustained growth over the long term.

Session Photographs
As we journey together, we will capture some moments – especially if you come to us through Carer Gateway, Villa Maria Catholic Homes or the NDIS. It’s not just a box-ticking thing for these agencies; these photos show the positive changes we make in your space.
For our private clients, this document asks that we may snap some pics of the areas we’ve spruced up. These photos help us remember what we’ve achieved together and understand your needs better for future sessions. While we might share them occasionally to show what we can do, mainly, it’s about celebrating the progress we’ve made side by side. Your nod to these photos means a lot and helps us keep getting better at what we do.

Oops Moments:
Our Bad: We’re careful, but accidents happen. Don’t worry; we’re insured.

It’s Not You, It’s Us:
If we’re not seeing eye to eye, let’s talk it out first. However, if our time together has run it’s course either of us can call it quits anytime. Let’s end on a good note if it comes to that.

Aussie Rules:
This party is happening down under – all governed by Aussie laws – specifically the State of Victoria.

Home Comfort & Safety Notes:
To ensure a safe and comfortable working environment for our team members, we kindly request that clients refrain from smoking within their homes while our services are being provided. Smoking poses not only a health risk but also a potential hazard to our team members. Additionally, we appreciate clients notifying us in advance of any potential home hazards, such as the presence of mold or the existence of pets with aggressive tendencies. This information allows us to take necessary precautions and tailor our approach to ensure a secure and efficient decluttering process. We prioritise the safety and well-being of both our clients and team members, and your cooperation in these matters is greatly appreciated.

Emergency Procedures:
In the unlikely event of an emergency during a session, your safety is our top priority. We will follow established procedures to ensure everyone’s well-being. If necessary, please familiarise yourself with the emergency exits and procedures in your location.

Changes to Our Way of Working:
We’re committed to transparency. If there are any changes to this document, we’ll provide you with a heads-up beforehand. Your understanding is crucial, and we appreciate your ongoing cooperation.