Declutter coaching will lift the weight of clutter from your shoulders

Sick of wrangling with the daily chaos of having too much stuff and not enough time? You’re exhausted and overwhelmed?

 Fear not – there is an answer….

De-stress your life with clear space and freedom of time with group coaching* with Declutter Coach, Julie Cliff of space and time.

Sick of wrangling with the daily chaos of having too much stuff? Join this declutter coaching that will lift the weight of your clutter.

(*note all sessions to be held online via Zoom)

These declutter coaching session allow the group to explore and learn the skills, techniques and mindset in an objective and unemotional setting and then they do the hands-on work themselves. This is particularly helpful for some people as it can be difficult to learn all this when you’re in the throes of hands-on decluttering and the emotion of standing in front of a sea of your own possessions.

Group coaching gives you:

  • affordable coaching option
  • increased commitment to your goal without the intensity of one-on-one coaching
  • access knowledge when you know you learn best in group settings
  • support and ideas of others that are going through the same challenges as you
  • unhurried pace with group accountability
  • witness other’s solutions for ideas and inspiration for your own journey.

Group coaching includes:

12 weeks x 1 hour, group coaching sessions via Zoom.

  • Delve into the habits behind getting and staying organised: clear vision of what you want to achieve, decision making, techniques for letting go of stuff, how to avoid shiny objects and how to make new habits stick
  • Additional 30 minute “help me!” call with Julie per month
  • Workbook and 30 day checklist


Participants find that group coaching helps them:

  • dramatically reduce clutter
  • get clear on priorities
  • get the important things done done,
  • enjoy weight lifted off your shoulders, feel lighter, free and liberated from the paralysing weight of your stuff.

Talk to Julie about the price for this exclusive, 12 week program. Payment options available