Space Invaders style decluttering in your home

The new decluttering TV show Space Invaders by Peter Walsh and team is causing the latest home improvement stir. But is this type of decluttering possible in your own home? My answer is yes and no. I’ll explain why and why not.

NO you can’t do “Space Invaders” in your home

It’s very difficult to do this style of decluttering in your own home for a few reasons

  1. It would be far too costly and time consuming to take everything out of your home, take it to another location and sort it out
  2. There is a huge team of people behind the scenes of the show that can physically move the stuff AND then restyle / decorate your the homes on TV. And for these reasons it’s not a realistic exercise to undertake this style of decluttering for most home owners.

Yes you can do “Space Invaders” in your own home (with the following caveats)

  1. Work on one small space at a time (one drawer, one shelf), clear these contents to a space in your home (or back yard or garage) and sort it out. Note I say work on one SMALL SPACE.
  2. Put the timer on and work in short bursts as decluttering and letting go of emotional items is emotionally draining. Leave time for packing up, taking things to the op shop and disposing of items thoughtfully
  3. Get a professional to help. If you live in Melbourne I would love to help you declutter and redefine your space.
  4. Be clear (but realistic) as to what you want to achieve. It’s not about perfect looking spaces. It’s about less stuff, less to clean, less to manage and more space to enjoy the things you keep.

So, have a go at the Space Invader style decluttering in your own home with the above tips to start small, use a timer, get help and be realistic.

I’d love to hear what you think of this article and the show Space Invaders

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