5 tips to organise small spaces

Small spaces can be difficult to manage. Life feels cramped, unorganised and confusing because there is no space to put anything. If you have small spaces, this tip to get you started – Have less stuff. Less stuff is easier to manage, easier to clean and easier to organise – particularly if you have a Read More

How to talk to your partner about clutter

I’m chuffed to have recently been a guest on the “Relaxed and Raunchy Relationships Podcast” with Ingrid Galloway from Kahyangan Relationship Coaching. Ingrid’s work has always focused on stress, relaxation and relationships, and she is always ready to look after loving (and not-so-loving) couples, and broken/lonely hearted singles. She explores all aspects of relationships in her Read More

Let stuff go like a teen

Meet Captain Risky. He’s been sitting on our teen son Robbie’s desk for the past couple of years. Robbie recently cleared his desk while doing some maintenance on his computer and decided that Captain Risky no longer had a place. My husband was quite puzzled by this and wondered why he wouldn’t want to return Read More