7 tips to keep your home office organised

Is your office in a mess? Can’t find anything and it’s stressing you out? Or are you setting up a new office from scratch?  Follow these tips to keep your home office organised.

Items every office should have


Your desk should be large enough for your computer, yourself and a diary. Keep only the essentials on the desk surface.

Paper filing cabinet

Read 5 ways to set up a paper filing system to decide which system to use. There is less need to keep paper copies of documents in this digital age. What paperwork do you need to keep at home? will also help you decide what to keep paper copies of and what to let go.

wire vertical file rack
image courtesy officeworks.com.au

Current files

Use magazine holders or wire vertical file rack (like this one from Officeworks) so your current files are kept neat and tidy at your fingertips.

Desk drawers

Consider what you need close at hand and use drawer dividers to create permanent homes for your things.

desk caddy for stationery
image courtesy apollo.com.au


Have only a small amount of stationary on hand. Use a small caddy on the desk for every day items and a small collection of other stationery in a drawer.

In tray

Create a space for your incoming mail. Process the contents regularly as suggested in the below tip “schedule regular paperwork sessions” because the in tray is only a holding bay, not a filing system.

Diary / planner

Create a space for your diary or planner to keep you on track whilst working in your home office. Print a paper copy each week if you use an electronic calendar so you can write to do items at specific times of the day.

Techniques to keep your home office organised

Catch the 5 pm bus.

Set a reminder in your calendar at the same time at the end of each day to stop work and put things back where they belong. The idea of the 5pm bus that you need to do it or the opportunity will pass you because the bus won’t wait for you!

Regular paperwork sessions

Add a regular paperwork/action session to your planner or diary each week. Regular upkeep of paperwork and to-do items is much easier to manage.

Next steps

Follow the above tips to ensure the right things are at your fingertips, create a regular pack up time at the end of the day and consciously decide what to keep as you go to keep your office organised.
Try tweaking what you have initially by organising your current files and then tackle the backlog.

Need help?

Still having difficulties? Reach out to me at info@spaceandtime.com.au for some quick tips or a chat to get you moving. Or you can book me here so we can get the office organised and keep it that way. See Working with me – Packages & Fees for details.

Who is Julie Cliff, Professional Organiser?

Space and Time is a professional organising consultancy which helps busy working mothers live easier, far less stressful lives through simple, easy to implement organising systems to clear the clutter- both mentally and physical – reach out to Julie – info@spaceandtime.com.au