2 things organised people do before leaving the house in the morning

laundry tipsWhilst I was frantically hanging out the washing before I dashed off to work last week, I wondered what else organised people do before they leave the house each morning to make things easier when they get home and keep those household chores ticking over.  So I asked my friends to reply with 2 things they do before leaving the house in the morning and here are their responses:

2 things to do in the morning to  make life easier

“My 2 things i always do;  Eat breakfast and drink 2 cups of tea 😉  also, I put a load of washing on at night if i can.  I used to pack school lunches at night and still do mine in the evening. Kids unpack dishwasher and I pack dirty dishes in” – Veronica

“Take dinner out of the freezer and put washing out” – Catherine

“Make the bed, breakfast dishes away” – Cath P

“Take washing load out from night before, place in dryer or hang outside. Load another load into washing machine” – Eliana

Thanks to my friends for their wonderful replies above. I will share a few more with you in a couple of weeks.morning routine

One final thought

There was one last reply that I really liked. Although it’s not related to being organised, or time management, it is certainly worth listing and worth thinking about. Before Danielle leaves the house in the morning she does “20 push-ups and hugs the family!” What a great way to get energised to face the day. Nice one Danielle!!

What do you do in the morning to make your day run smoother?

A great morning routine can be the difference between “you running the day and the day running you. If you need a hand to set up a morning routine I can work with you to create a routine of your own – similar to this one here .  Have a great day!