More things organised people do before they leave the house in the morning

Earlier in the week I shared a collection of replies I received when I asked my friends “What 2 things do you do in the morning to make life easier”. I had so many great responses I thought I’d share some more.
School bag tag
2 things to do before leaving the house in the morning:
“Make sure everyone has what they need for the day and make lunchboxes for everyone! I prioritise being on time for school/kinder over all else (washing and the kitchen can wait!). We have timetables positioned where school bags are kept.  Our Son has a home made bag tag  with his checklist (pictured): one side has the everyday items and the other side the particular day of the week items. I made it out of cardboard, coloured paper and clear contact!” – Amanda
“Make sure kitchen is tidy/load dishwasher,  take dinner out of freezer,  check work diary make sure any meetings for day haven’t changed” –  Eliana
“I open the blinds/curtains and make the bed.  And a hundred other things too of course” – Cathy
“I check my to do list (written the night before) and check my keys are in my handbag (because the consequences are dire if I leave them behind) but they are always there unless someone else has moved them” – Angela
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ladies. I think it always feels good to get a few things ticked off the to-do list in the morning and it makes such a difference to the rest of your day.
Do you have anything else to add to the list of things to do in the morning?
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