4 Hour kick-start package

kick-start package

Too much stuff. Don’t know where to start? Kitchen and pantry in a mess? Spare room or home office overflowing?

Yes? Then the Kick-Start package is right for a bit of hands-on-help and a nudge in the right direction.

Kick-start Package clients are thrilled to say they find more space, feel less stressed, relieved and FINALLY in control after taking up this package.

Let Space and Time help you:

  • Up to 4 hours hands-on-help* to make home simpler
  • Declutter, organise and create permanent homes for your possessions with containers** and labels to get and your chosen area of the home decluttered and organised.
  • Includes advice on how to let things go and where to dispose of the items.

*I love to work side by side with my clients on the job at hand, but if you would prefer to spend your time on what you do best (work, attending a yoga class or other), I’d be happy to work on my own.

**Containers at additional costs.


$395 for up to 4 hours

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