Get organised and never miss another appointment again with reminders in your phone

Last week we looked at the things you can do each day to Create a life that you love using a daily routine and encouraged you to make conscious choices each day.

Today we will take this routine one step further and set up reminders in your phone so you never miss or are never underprepared for another appointment again. At the same time you will find that you move away from “I’m so busy” and towards a simpler life that you love.

Once you have broken your day down into the the tasks that you need to do each day as per the previous blog, we need to add them to your diary and phone as a recurring reminders.

Personally, I use Google Calendar to keep my appointments and to send reminders to my phone. You can do this in many other daily planners and calendars.

Daily phone reminders

I have a number of daily reminders in my phone to keep me and the family moving towards a life that we love:

5.40am – time to get up (yep, it’s early, but it gives me plenty of time to exercise and prepare for the day)
7.00am – daily reminders eg: Today charlie has library, Robbie needs to be at the artroom at 8.30 etc. Most days of the week, my phone will “ding” at 7.00 to remind us what recurring tasks are on that day.
5.00pm – homework and money making
7.45 – time for Charlie to do reading and bed
8.45 – time for Robbie to do reading and bed

Other phone reminders

Once the daily recurring phone reminders are in the diary/phone move on to the other appointments that occur sporadically:

  • As you put important dates in the diary break the task down into the preparations that need to be made before the appointment
  • Add each part of the task to the diary and a reminder on your phone.
  • For example, Monday 5th June – World Environment Day –dress up in green for school to celebrate.
  • Make an appointment in your diary for the appropriate amount of time  (maybe 1 hour) the previous week to find a green outfit at the op-shop or costume shop)
  • don’t forget all the trimmings (or all details for the task) and try it on beforehand to reduce the risk of a breakdown before school on the day.

When something is in the diary, there is more chance it will happen. The appointment quashes the need to think or argue about what needs to be done, leading to the task getting done in a timely manner.

You may also like to put reminders in your phone for busy times of the day so you don’t need to remember it: eg: school pickup time – remember to pick up lunchbox and jumpers on a Friday afternoon or pickup a school mate that is coming over for a playdate.

The week ahead

Put one final recurring weekly reminder in your phone to review the week ahead. At the moment my weekly review is at 11am each Thursday. At that time I review my online calendar and wall calendar (to make sure one mirrors the other). At this time, have an additional think about the tasks that need to be done before each appointment and then add those reminders in the calendar.

Yes, it does take some effort to be organised and to follow a daily routine to create a life that you love, but it is well worth the effort. Less stress, less arguments, less “oh no, I completely forgot about dress up day”. Let your routine, calendar and phone do the remembering for you.

If you need a hand creating a daily routine and putting the recurring reminders in your calendar/phone then check out my Time Management Services or Contact me today for a chat about how recurring reminders can help you create a life you love..