10 things to do every day to get (and stay) organised

Beautifully organised bedroom1. Make your bed every morning

Making the bed as soon as you get out of it is a great healthy habit. Making the bed gives you the feeling of pride and a sense of accomplishment This feeling leads to other tasks being completed and more accomplishments and achievements being made throughout the day. Navy Seal Admiral explains exactly this and more in this video.

Next action to do list2. Use a next-action to-do list and a list for dumping ideas

Have a go at writing all your to-dos in 2 separate to-do lists instead of trying to keep everything in your head: Use the first list as a brain dumping list where you dot point all the things that would be nice to do at some stage and use the second list to breaking the to-do list down into next action makes all that you need to do more clear

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3. Schedule daily reminders in your phone

Break your day down into the the tasks that you need to do each day and add them to your diary and phone as a recurring reminders. Set a reminder at the start of each day to prompt you of any special activities on that day and various other recurring reminders throughout the day.

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4. Menu plan for today

Ideally planning meals a week or a few days in advance is the best. At the very least take 5 minutes when you’re energised in the morning to plan what’s for dinner. The task will be much easier at this time of day rather than standing in front of the fridge wondering what to cook at the end of a busy day!

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5. Follow these house rules

House rule for being organised

6. Get the family involved

Mum of 3 Coutenay says “One challenge i think we all face (as Mums) is to let the kids not help as it’s quicker, easier and usually less messy ?

Put the devices away/turn them off and get the kids involved. Set the table for dinner, peel the veggies, stack the dishwasher, pop a load of washing on together etc. Great time to chat with the kids & teaching them how to live at the same time”.

7. Permanent home for everything

The purpose of finding a permanent home for your stuff is so it can be easily packed up after every use and put back in it’s place. It’s probably a topic for a blog another day, but I  believe keeping focus on one project at a time is paramount to staying organised.

Notice board / control centre8. Use a command station

Use a pinboard as a command station to keep important stuff – keys, notices, bills, artwork.

It can be as pretty or simple as you like, as long as you have one.   Lots of ideas here.

9 Automate

Cut down on the amount of mail that comes into the house by automating the payment of household bills.

10. Practice gratitude.

Founder of the Resilience Project, Hugh van Culenberg says “Write down three things every night that went well for you during the day. It could be in a note pad, in the notes section of your phone or even on the shower screen door. This teaches your brain to scan the world for the positive, which is particularly important when dealing with challenging situations.” Your improved positivity will keen you focused on the important things and move you towards a life that you love.

Making a conscious choice to do these 10 things daily will get you more organised, help you get everything done, and give you more time for spontaneity, enjoyment and relaxation.

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