Create your own school holiday program at home

School holidays can be a challenge for parents with kids at home for extended periods of time. However, with a little forethought and planning they can be a lot of fun with their very own school holiday program at home.

What’s involved?

Use the below planner to create your own school holiday program at home. Download your own copy by clicking on the below image.

Think of all the fun things that are regular school holiday program may offer and adapt to do at home.

Add times, activities, planned meals and the name of the child responsible for each activity. I’d love to see your finished plan – please reach out to me at

School holiday program planner

Some ideas to get you started

Make your own popcorn bag

Let’s go to the movies (at home)

Kids often go to the movies for a school holiday program. You can also do this at home.

  • Set up a “sweet shop” before the movie and sell some home-made treats
  • Cook up popcorn and make your own box in which to serve the popcorn – Watch the video here to make a box using origami.

Trip to the zoo

There are a MANY online WebCam options available from various zoos around the world. Google “live webcam zoo”

Allocate a time to look this up. Pack your lunch box, drink bottle and binoculars (just as though you were at the zoo) and head off on an adventure

Art gallery tour

Set up your own art gallery at home. Kids can create new artwork to exhibit or use the work they have created during the term to display. Each child can be the curator of the gallery and give a tour and explain the paintings. Get someone to record the presentation for prosperity.

Sports activities

Plan some outdoor sports time giving kids various jobs to coordinate during the outing.

lucky dip of things for kids to do in the holidays

Next steps

There are so many more activities that you can add to this program. Try read this article “Lucky dip of things for kids to do over the holiday period” for holiday program ideas. Use the same process in the blog but use the search “rainy day activities for kids at home” if you’re stuck for ideas of things to do with kids inside.

Still stuck?

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