Lucky dip of hundreds of things for kids to do over the holiday break

Lost for things for the kids to do over the holiday break? Create a lucky dip for hours of fun.

Here’s how…

Search “things for kids to do in the holidays” in Pinterest (or follow the below link to the ones I found. Find age appropriate activities for your family.

Holiday activities

Print out a number of pages and cut up all the suggestions into individual pieces.

Create a “lucky dip” in a bowl or container with the individual suggestions.


  1. Choose 3 activities to do each day
  2. You MUST do the activity, no matter what it is… if it says “dress ups”, “have a picnic” or “make friendship bands” you have to attempt it. ( My oldest son is not good at deciding what to do each day and often claims to be bored so this has taken the decision making out of it. It’s also stopped him from choosing 25 of them and not carrying out any).

I’d love to hear how the lucky dip goes at your house via

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