Achieve your goals in 3 simple steps

The working mother juggle isn’t easy and can make life feel overly busy, stressful and overwhelming.

Julie Cliff is a Melbourne professional organiser helps working mothers live easier, far less stressful lives through simple, easy to implement organising systems to clear the clutter- both mentally and physically. Julie injects space and time into their day to make life simpler and more fun.

Narrow your focus

Julie says “One of the easiest ways to reduce overwhelm is to narrow your focus”.

“Every day I see women lacking structure or focus – trying to do too much / expecting too much and getting nothing done. They might feel as though they are drowning in clutter and don’t have enough time to do all that needs to be done each day”.

“The below worksheet and video shows how to break 3 goals down into 3 manageable steps to achieve your goal, with less stress”.

Document the steps

Julie says it is also important to work on your goals every day.

“Print out the below worksheet, fill it out with the 3 goals you want to achieve this year, put it on the wall so you can see it and then allocate time in the diary to working on a task in the first step. Breaking a large goal into smaller step makes the whole process so much more manageable”.

Use this worksheet to break your goals down into 3 simple steps
Watch the video to further understand the process

Do the work

Print out the worksheet and start to work your magic. Create a recurring appointment in your calendar so you work on your goal at the same time everyday – no excuses. Keep the commitment to yourself, do the work and you will achieve the goal in no time at all.

Still too hard?

Contact Julie at to arrange an obligation free, 20 minute chat about your organising challenges. Or if you’re ready to get started on achieving your goals and you just need some accountability, book some time with Julie here.