Easy steps to declutter your wardrobe, kitchen, paperwork and kids toys

I held another successful decluttering workshop on Friday night showcasing the 6 steps of the Space and Time Organising S.Y.S.T.E.M. My first time at the Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre; a great venue and turnout. I always start my workshops with introductions. I introduce myself, explaining what a Professional Organiser does and how I came to Read More

Take control of your paperwork

Recently I spent some time with a Mum from school to set up a weekly routine so she can manage her paperwork. She was concerned she had overdue bills, school notices were going missing and the thought of being out of control drove her to call to me for assistance. I was delighted that she Read More

Working with adults with challenges with executive functioning skills such as ADD and ADHD

The article The DESIRE to Manage Your ADHD on additudemag.com says, “Lack of structure is a major problem for people who have ADHD. For most people with ADHD, there seems to be no internal system of organization”.  I have a number of clients with challenges with their executive functioning skills which present themselves in ADD, Read More