Easy steps to declutter your wardrobe, kitchen, paperwork and kids toys

easy steps to declutter

I held another successful decluttering workshop on Friday night showcasing the 6 steps of the Space and Time Organising S.Y.S.T.E.M. My first time at the Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre; a great venue and turnout. I always start my workshops with introductions. I introduce myself, explaining what a Professional Organiser does and how I came to start up my own business (read here if you haven’t heard the full story).

As each person introduces themself, I ask them what organising challenges they face at home. Workshop after workshop 4 common themes pop up  – wardrobe, kitchen, paperwork and kids toys.

On the back of this I thought it was worth revisiting a number of blogs I’ve written over the 12 months to give you a hand if you too share these organising challenges.

declutter my wardrobe
Image courtesy the rejectshop.com.au

Declutter my wardrobe

I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was growing up. I sewed a lot of my own clothes and spent my first year after High School studying a Certificate of Fashion where we sketched designs, drew up our own patterns and constructed them, I loved fashion!

Although my more recent past has strayed from the fashion industry, I’ve continued to follow the trends of how we put our wardrobes together and how we use the clothes we have. Today I’d like to talk about consciously creating a wardrobe you love with three different approaches with a similar theme. Read the full blog here.

organise junk drawer

Organise my junk drawer

My workshop attendees often ask, “where is a good place to get organised at home?”. The first thing I reply is the kitchen junk drawer.Follow these 6 easy steps to turn your junk drawer into a utility drawer and find anything you need within a few seconds. Read the full blog here.

messy paperwork

Take control of my paperwork

 Recently I spent some time with a Mum from school to set up a weekly routine so she can manage her paperwork. She was concerned she had overdue bills, school notices were going missing and the thought of being out of control drove her to call me for some assistance.

I was delighted that she understood the need to make time to get stuff done. I look forward to keeping up with her progress. You too can follow the same process to take control of your paperwork. Read the full blog here

declutter toys

10 steps to declutter toys

Do your kids’ toys multiply in the night? Did their toys use to fit in 1 small box, but have now taken over the whole house? Follow these 10 steps  to wrangle back control. Read the full blog here.

Do you relate to any of these 4 trends? Read the blogs and let me know how you go following the steps.

 Need help?

If all this still seems to hard, give me a call for an obligation free 20 minute chat about the organising challenges in your home – Contact me here. My clients are delighted in what we can achieve together in a few short hours to relieve the stress and constant thoughts about what needs to be done.