What paperwork do you need to keep at home?

I work with many clients to sort their paperwork. I love it! I love to corral the papers from every nook and cranny of the house and then whip it into shape. How we sort it is dependant on the client (and that’s a topic for a blog another day), but the first thing I Read More

How to: reclaim the spare room

I’ve been presenting my Space and Time Organising S.Y.S.T.E.M © in a workshop format around Victoria for the past few months. I have received great feedback on the method that I use to tackle all sorts of household organising challenges. This week we will use the S.Y.S.T.E.M © to reclaim the spare room. Perhaps the kids have Read More

How to: Speed cleaning is so easy

The term Speed Cleaning was coined a few years ago in a book of the same name by Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming . Page 5 reads “The approach can be summed up in one word – systems. Having systems in place will mean your house will run more smoothly and efficiently. The best news is Read More

How to: store your plasticware with tips from a Tupperware demonstrator

Today I’m continuing on from the results of the “Pop Quiz” a couple of weeks ago where I asked “what are the two things you have most trouble keeping organised at home?” Many replied pantry, so this week I’ve been sharing different ideas on how to keep your pantry organised. More specifically a few Mums said they Read More