How to: store your plasticware with tips from a Tupperware demonstrator

organise TupperwareToday I’m continuing on from the results of the “Pop Quiz” a couple of weeks ago where I asked “what are the two things you have most trouble keeping organised at home?” Many replied pantry, so this week I’ve been sharing different ideas on how to keep your pantry organised.

More specifically a few Mums said they had difficulty keeping their Tupperware organised within their pantry, so I asked my Tupperware demonstrator, Kathy Young, for some ideas to keep Tupperware organised):

Top 4 tips for keeping Tupperware organised
  • “Use containers that you can stack so that you can utilise all the space on your shelves or in your cupboards.
  • Clear containers help you to organised your shopping list and ensure you only buy foods that you are running out of (saving you money).
  • Make sure your containers are airtight so that the ingredients stay fresh (also don’t spill out onto the shelves, and ensure the contents stay insect free, etc).
  • Make sure you label the containers so that you know what is inside each container (so that you don’t mix up your sugars, flours, spices, etc)”.
Tupperware lids uprightHow to store unused containers:

When I  asked Kathy about storing unused containers she said “I store my lids/seals in one drawer and the bases in another drawer so that it is easier to find the matching pairs.  Some people store their seals standing up”.

Kathy also suggests “Modular Mates (above) are the ideal way to store your pantry items”.

If you need to use Tupperware in your pantry please contact Distributor Kathy Young on  0402 785 087. You can also view The Winter Tupperware Catalogue here!

Also, if you’d like me to come give you a hand to get your Tupperware organised, book me here!

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