5 Organising strategies for your new home

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Are you moving house soon or have done so recently and you’re keen to start afresh and stay organised in your new home? Follow these five tips so everything is at your fingertips to make life simpler. 

Give considerable thought to what you take with you

Have a good think about how you want your new home to look when packing to move home. Do you really want to take those items that are never used or take up space?

Create permanent homes

Create permanent homes for frequently used items. Store them where they are used and be sure to return each item to their permanent home after use.

Get everybody on board

Involve the whole family when setting up your new home. School age kids can help decide how they want to organise their bedrooms and homework spaces. Everybody organises themselves differently so this can be a good opportunity to set it up just right for them. Read this blog if you need more help to get the family involved in running the household.

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Set up systems in the new home

Set up systems to help members of your family stay organised. Create a space to allow the kids to unpack their bag each day after school, somewhere to put keys, shoes and your mail as you walk in the front door.

Give things a go in their new places

A recent client was determined to put handles on her new kitchen drawers because she kept grabbing the top of the drawer instead of underneath where the hidden grip was. I insisted she give it some time to get used to. I myself put up with opening the wrong drawer looking for my Tupperware for six years I finally moved it and now open the right drawer every time.

The next steps

Create permanent homes and return these things after use to make life so much simpler.

Get everybody on-board to allow them to take ownership of their things and areas.

Create a process to stay organised such as “15 minutes of power” mentioned in 5 strategies to get the kids involved in running the household.

Have a go at following these five tips yourself and use the other blogs in this article to help you on your way.

Need help to set up your new home?

I’d love to come and help you declutter and consciously pack to move home and to help you set up your new home when you get there. Reach out to me on info@spaceandtime.com.au or find out more about my services here.

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