5 strategies to get the kids involved in running the household

get the kids involved in household

Have you got too much to do and not enough time and it’s leaving you exhausted? My clients tell me they’re always picking up after their kids which leaves them so frustrated. Get the family on board and ensure they’re giving you the help that you need. Here are 5 strategies to try:

It’s a team effort

Firstly, it’s explain to the family the importance of getting these jobs done each week and that it’s a joint effort; not the responsibility of one person to run the household. It seems quicker to pick things up yourself but in the long-run it is worth spending time to teach them to do it themselves.

Now recruiting

Make each family member a part of the family budget. Draw up a simple employment contract, outline job description and pay them for tasks they are hired to do.

15 minutes of power

Draw up a list of what you really need to get done each week. Have family members choose a task to work on for “15 minutes of power” after dinner.  Put the timer on for 15 minutes, put on some music and get as much done as you can before the timer goes off. This may be fold the laundry and put it away in their drawers. Get someone to grab the vacuum cleaner or dust the credenza. 15 minutes help in this way each night saves you a lot of time by the end of the week.

Check out this age appropriate jobs list

Many of us can start to get the kids involved in the household chores much earlier. Check out this age appropriate jobs list thanks to raisingchildrennetwork.com.au here.

Jobs first, play later

Ensure that all jobs for the day are ticked off before any electronic devices are turned on. It may take some effort to implement this and there will probably be tears and tantrums, but you will get there if you stick at it.

Next steps?

As kids learn these lifelong skills they will receive a boost of self-esteem as they can feel they are getting better at the particular task and contributing to the household. You get the help that you need and it results in less stress.
Try one of the 5 suggestions this week and soon the kids will be doing the job without being asked.

Still need help?

I can come and work with you to create a family household chores routine and be there to help you implement it. Send me an email info@spaceandtime.au or you can book me here.

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