5 home organising hacks

Try out these organising hacks to get you organised and free up your time.

messy desk1. Paperwork

Pay all your bills automatically via direct debit to save time. Eg: Electricity, telecommunications, insurance. Stop the mail coming into the snail mail box in the first place.   Arrange for statements to be emailed to you. Unsubscribe from subscriptions you just don’t get to read. On a side note, I have spent hours working with a client just to open his bank statements and file them.

2. Clothes

Hang clothes that you have worn for short amounts of time to air instead of washing it. This may be a dedicated space in your wardrobe or on a separate rack (instead of on the floor or on the end of the bed).  Image courtesy rejectshop.com.au

3. Toys

One of the easiest ways to store Lego is to wrap it all up in a sheet. When the kids want to play with it they lay it on the floor. The rule is that the Lego does NOT go off the sheet. Image courtesy planningwithkids.com

4. Jewellery

Use purpose made containers with lots of dividers for earrings or necklaces. Or a fishing tackle box if you are on a budget. Jewellery can look so gorgeous when it’s displayed well. I love the idea of putting bangles over something decorative like a candelabra. More ideas here. Image courtesy onegoodthingbyjillee.com

Junk drawer5. Utility Drawer

With a bit of forethought and a cutlery tray, your junk drawer can become a utility drawer with everything you need at your finger tips..

Do you have some organising hacks for around the home that we can add to this list? Send me an email at info@spaceandtime.com.au.

Or if you’d like a hand to set up some of these hacks at your own home, please contact me here.

Julie Cliff, Professional Organiser at Space and Time specialises in helping families get organised at home. Her clients find they can achieve a lot with hands-on help and expert advice from Julie in a few short hours. Contact Julie today to get started on that job you have been putting off because you don’t know where to start.