7 things Professional Organisers never leave home without

don't leave home without phoneSpace and Time’s mission is to make your life easier and simpler. With this in mind, and to celebrate National Organising Week*, I asked my professional organising colleagues what they never leave home without so that their day runs smoothly. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Phone – Angela from Creating Order From Chaos says, “I never leave home without my phone. It’s my phone, diary, camera, newspaper, book, notebook, lifeline”.

2. Glasses case – Marion from A Place of Calm says, “I never leave home without my orange, soft leather, double sided glasses case which accommodates my sunglasses and reading glasses.”

Bombino key clip3. Key clip – Sue from Organised by Sue says, “I never leave home without my key clip for the inside of my hand bag. It clips to an inside pocket so you don’t have to hunt around in the bottom of your handbag.” (image courtesy of hartandheim.com.au)

4. Fold-up bag – Louise from Zen Organising says, “I never leave home without a non-plastic shopping bag (I have a fold-up one). I use the bag for all sorts of things that need to be carried, but mostly for shopping.”

5. Hand sanitiser – Christie from Flor&Order, “I’ll add hand sanitser as the thing I never leave home without. It’s so very useful! Sticky lunch? Wash your hands with sanitizer. Touch a cute dog while getting coffee? Sanitizer. Bug bite? Sanitizer helps the stinging!”

6. Phone apps – Nicola from Sort it Now says, “I never leave home without my phone.  I love to utilise apps on my apps on my phone especially Stocard for membership and loyalty cards. I also use Apple wallet for electronic tickets so minimises physically carrying stuffed purse!

7. Water bottle – Last but not least, Veronica from A Hand to Help says, “I never leave home without my water bottle. When I stay hydrated I think clearer, feel, cope and function better.”

Is there something that you never leave home without that we could add to the list?

*National Organising Week runs in March each year. It is a celebration of how professional organisers can get you organised and help you stay that way.

Julie Cliff at Space and Time specialises in helping families make conscious choices about what they surround themselves with and what they want to spend more time doing (and what they want to spend less time doing).