Why I won’t be applying for the IKEA Tidy Technicians role

Delighted that some of my friends and family shared a link to a facebook ad with me to say IKEA is hiring 10  “tidy technicians” across Australia (see full details below ).

My friends (some as far away as the UK!!) tagged me as they know that I’m a professional organiser, based in Melbourne and I love to help people get organised at home…BUT here are a number of reasons I WON’T be applying.

Why I won’t be applying for the IKEA role

1. My business, Space and Time is all about the people; not the products. Much of what I do is coaching and developing and exploring the reasons behind why they are in a “mess”, how we can declutter, and put measures in place to reduce the chance of it happening again. Only a very small part of what Space and time does is about buying tubs or containers or storage systems to organise their stuff.

The work I do is a lot to do with the conversations. Conversations about grief, conversations about starting again after a divorce, conversations about decluttering for sale, creation of routines and systems to keep the family functioning whilst both parents work full time. It’s not about the stuff, or the products…. it’s about people.

2. The second reason I will not be applying for one of these IKEA roles is I have many plans for my business in the near future, including:
– continuing to present my face to face workshops,
– host the workshops online so people from all over the world can follow the Space and Time philosophy,
– creation of printable checklists to make life simpler and more fun and home
– web TV hosting and
– continued keynote speaking.
Pretty sure IKEA wouldn’t allow me to do my own things if I was working for them.

I love the pretty pics too

Yes, I love to see the IKEA catalogue and the Pinterest pictures in the Instagram pictures of perfectly organised pantries. But again this is only a very small part of the process. There are many steps and skills and understanding of people’s needs that I bring to their homes before we can even consider matching containers.

Do you think I’ve made the right choice not to apply?

Will you be applying for the role yourself?


Who is Julie Cliff, Professional Organiser at Space and Time?

As a professional organiser (personal organiser) Julie loves to work in the homes of busy families to help them take control of their stuff. She will work with you to declutter any area of the home that is challenging to you (or she can do it all for you while you are at work if you prefer). Julie is able to give you expert advice on storage, organisation ideas or how to approach an organising problem. Julie has many strategies for letting go of sentimental items. She will also provide motivation, encouragement and accountability to get the job done. With her support you can create a clutter free home so you feel less stressed. Call Julie today on 0413 447 562