Julie Cliff, Professional Organiser at Space and Time makes moving house a breeze

make moving house a breeze

Do you need to move house soon? Do you have lots of stuff, you’re busy working and running a household and don’t know where to start packing? Are you busy looking for new schools or jobs because you’re moving interstate or overseas? Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted and you haven’t even started packing yet!?

Julie Cliff, Professional Organiser at Space and Time helps make the moving process so much simpler.

Overseas moves

If you’re moving overseas Julie will help you decide what you want to take with you and what you going to put in storage.

Move for renovations

If you’re moving because you’re renovating, Julie will work with you to help you determine what to take to your rental and what you’re going  to store offsite for your new home once you’ve renovated

End of lease, downsizing or upsizing

Have you come to your end of lease or you’re downsizing or moving to retirement or you’re upsizing with a new addition on the way and you need to move home? Julie can help with all of these circumstances.

Julie Cliff, Professional Organiser at Space and Time
How it works

Work with Julie to provide:

  • An extra set of hands to get the job done much quicker and much less stress,
  • Advice on what to pack first, what to store and how to pack your belongings,
  • Strategies to let go of stuff you no longer need (and resources for disposal of items),
  • The Space and Time Organising S.Y.S.T.E.M to declutter so you’re not moving so much stuff in the first place stuff what to keep what to let go and what to donate and what to throw in the rubbish.
After the big event

Julie will also help you unpack when you arrive at your new abode* to ensure everything you frequently use is at your fingertips and all the boxes are unpacked.

Julie can also make arrangements for the boxes, storage and the removalists if you are struggling to get your head around the logistics.

The next step

If you’re moving house in the next few months, start boxing up some things right now!

Consider where each item will  go in your new home . What you can let go to be sure to take less to declutter along not having to take so much with you in the first place.

If this is all too hard for you to do by yourself call Julie for a chat about how she can help you move house with much less stress, overwhelm and exhaustion.

*as much as I would love to, I am unable to help you pack when you arrive overseas


Julie Cliff, Professional Organiser at Space and Time – I specialise in helping families get organised at home. My clients find they can achieve a lot with hands-on help and expert advice from me in a few short hours. Contact me today to get started on that job you have been putting off because you don’t know where to start. spaceandtime.com.au