Julie Cliff at Space and Time is looking for her ideal client. Is it you?

 Julie Cliff, Space and Time, ideal client

Stressed, time-poor and overwhelmed?

Are you a time poor mum that is often stressed and running late? Do you have such a busy schedule that the last thing on your mind is checking that all the kids clothes actually fit? Do you have so much stuff that you are overwhelmed? If you’ve said “yes” to any of these things, then you are my ideal client.

I can help

I work with busy mums in all challenging areas of the home including kids bedrooms and play rooms, pantries, kitchens, home offices, wardrobes and walk in wardrobes. I walk you through the Space and Time Organising S.Y.S.T.E.M to declutter, sort and organise all of your stuff. I can also work with you to create a weekly routine so that everything gets done with less stress.

My clients say

I was so glad I picked up the phone to Julie to get help. With 3 children under 4 I just couldn’t get the job done on my own. I recommend her services, they’re worth every cent” Anonymous, Coburg.

Others have said “Could I have done it on my own? Possibly…but not likely. Having her calming voice talk me through the decision making to keep, archive or dump paperwork and things was all I needed. I have no hesitation in recommending Julie for anyone who needs a helping hand in their day to day life and in business life”. Jeanette, Heatherton. See more testimonials here.

Go on, make the call…

To experience the relief of my hands on help and expertise, give me a call on 0413 447 562 to discuss how we can start to take control of your stuff and your time in a few short hours.


Julie Cliff, Professional Organiser at Space and Time – I specialise in helping families get organised at home. My clients find they can achieve a lot with hands-on help and expert advice from me in a few short hours. Contact me today to get started on that job you have been putting off because you don’t know where to start. spaceandtime.com.au