Space and Time Case Study – an energising weekly routine

an energising weekly routine

My clients come from lots of places. Many of them are supported by NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), some are older clients recovering from illness, some are younger with challenges with their time or their stuff. I love working with them all.

But when it comes down to it, my ideal clients are professional working Mums. Mums that are having trouble keeping up with work, the kids’ school and after school commitments, household chores and, consequently, they are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

The client

Recently I created a family routine with a mum of two. Her husband is away with work during the week, so she is left juggling her business, short kinder hours, school drop off and pick ups, swimming lessons AND the rest…Sound familiar?

The process

To create an energising weekly routine, we plotted out her week to include time for her business, time with her kids and, most importantly, some “me time”.

This Mum had been burning the candle at both end so we added an alarm to get up in the morning. Getting up a little earlier,  allowed ample time for everyone to get ready without screaming at each other.

We also added an alarm at the other end of the day to tell her to go to bed. Going to bed at an earlier time allowed adequate time for rest and recovery.

The results

After a couple of weeks this Mum is feeling refreshed and keen to tackle each day with intention thanks to her new routine.

What’s your weekly routine look like? Is it planned out with deliberate blocks of time? Or do you run late from one appointment to the other arriving stressed and exhausted?

Next steps

Put some time aside to plot out your energising weekly routine. What do you need to add and what can you let go so you get the balance right?

Need help?

I’d love to work with you to create your own energising weekly routine, just like I did for this young Mum. Let’s start now – you can book me here. 

Who is Julie Cliff, Professional Organiser, Melbourne?

Busy, stressed, overwhelmed? Julie Cliff is a professional organiser who shares the practical tools to help professional working mothers feel calmer, happier and less stressed. Inject space and time into your life by creating a welcoming, clutter-free space and developing an effective, calm flow to your days. Life is simpler and more fun with organisation.