Plan your week with intention to reduce stress and overwhelm

Plan your week with intention

Too often, as mums, we run from one activity to the next, day after day, week after week. This relentless pace leads to exhaustion. Take five minutes each week to plan your upcoming activities with intention, rather than continuing to run around in circles with no real direction.

The process

At the same time each week look ahead in your calendar to view the upcoming events. (I do this each Tuesday afternoon in conjunction with our school newsletter release).

  • Look out for special days at school and make time for preparations. If there is a dress up day in the next week make time on the weekend to source a costume or at least round up the essentials.
  • Got a doctors appointment in the coming week? How long will it take you to get there? Have you got the address? Do you need to take a referral or any other details with you?
  • And if you are looking at head a whole week and you realise you can’t be into places at once, you have time to reschedule.
  • As you look through your week, consider tasks you can outsource to friends or members of your family so you are not doing “everything”.
  • Lastly, plan out some “me time”. Listen to a podcast, read a book, meditate or catch up with some girlfriends. Remember the below quote when planning out your week:

You cannot pour from an empty cup

It only takes a few minutes to look at the week ahead and make plans. It’s well worth making this exercise a part of your healthy habits each week.

Next steps

Put a recurring appointment in your calendar, with a notification on your phone, at the same time each week to remind yourself to look at the week ahead. If you commute to work, use a morning or afternoon travel time to schedule this activity.

Still overwhelmed?

I’d love to work with you one on one to create a weekly review time so that you too can plan our week with intention to create a life you want to live. You can book me here.

Outside of Melbourne? No problem we can work virtually – check out the details here.

Who is Julie Cliff, Professional Organiser?

The working mother juggle isn’t easy and can make life feel overly busy, stressful and overwhelming. Julie Cliff is a professional organiser who works with working mothers live easier, far less stressful lives through simple, easy to implement organising systems to clear the clutter- both mentally and physically. Julie injects space and time into your life to make life simpler and more fun.