Should we push our kids to be organised?

As a professional organiser I like to keep my house neat, tidy and organised. Over the years this has sometimes been a challenge with two Sons in the house. My house is not a show home, but I like it ordered or my brain doesn’t function well. I have been perplexed recently with my 12 year old Son’s clothes dumped on the floor.

In past years he would put worn clothes on the end of his bed, ready for the next day. As he grew, the weight of the clothes on his legs became uncomfortable. Towards the end of last year we put a valet in his room to put his clothes on. This does work well for his school uniform, but a lot of his casual clothes end up on the floor, in a pile, in the corner of the room.

I must admit both of my boys are fairly well trained. When they have a shower in the morning they rehang their towel (most days), they put their pyjamas in their room. In the evenings they unpack their school bags and put the bags in the pantry. So they aren’t complete slobs.

Facebook feedback

I conducted a very interesting experiment a few weeks ago. I posted a call for help on Organising Ideas Australia Facebook group, asking for suggestions to help my Son’s recent messy clothes.

I received over 100 replies! The replies I received ranged from, shut the door, you should have asked this question 10 years ago (suggesting he should have learned at an earlier time), other suggestions to pick your battles. A couple of people put their foot down and said, no it’s not good enough to shut the door, he should learn how to respect and take care of his possessions. Fair point?

How would you tackle the problem?

I’ve decided to work with him on keeping his stuff tidy. As he changes out of his school uniform at the end of the day I remind him to hang it up (rather than pick it up myself). I also work with him to decide which clothes need to be washed when it’s laundry day (I don’t believe in washing everything after it’s been worn, unless its smelly or has had something spilt on it). Surely he will learn these skills and be able to do it himself soon, right!?

What are your thoughts? Should I put my foot down and tell him to sort it out himself? I’d be interested to hear your feedback.