No more odd socks

Sick and tired of odd socks!? Try these top 10 tips.

Tip 1 – Laundry bag – Give each child a mesh washing bag to hang in their room for dirty socks. Once a week, collect all the bags, toss them in the wash and the pairs will stay together. Kmart – $6 for set of three

tips for odd socks
Tip 2 – Hang in pairs – Hang socks in pairs using one peg for each. When dry, simply roll them into balls as you bring them in.

Tip 3 – Separate washing basket – Have a separate washing basket for socks and undies so you always wash them together. (hack courtesy of

Tip 4 – Check under machine – Clean up the compartment under the machine every now and again. Chuck them in the machine and hope for the best

Tip 5 – Sock clips – try out these special pegs to keep your socks together –  Wizzpeg

Tip 6 – Sock dock  – Created by a Dad who was sick of odd socks, this could be just what your family needs

Tip 7 – Match socks before washing – Ensure there are 2 socks before putting them in the wash. Put odd socks in small bask till their family turns up. Always hang together online and pair up as they come off.

Tip 8 -Buy 1 type of sock – Buy all the same socks, that way they’re always in pairs 

Tip 9 – Label socks – Label socks with initials and pair number

Tip 10 – Wear odd socks – have fun and wear odd socks and be proud about your choice 😉

Do you have a tips we could add to the list? Send it to me