Organise your stuff with a tackle box

5 Tackle Box Hacks

Much of what I teach people is about creating systems so that things just happen without having to think about them… just like cleaning your teeth.

I encourage my clients to find a permanent home for things, and to diligently return each item to their home.

Here are 5 great tackle box hacks to help you think outside the box (haa!) and make it easier to locate what you need and put it away after use.

The beauty of a tackle box is that it is portable and includes designated spots for items. Boundaries are automatically for how much stuff you can keep because there is only a finite amount of room in the box. Which one could you use at your house?

Sewing accessories
sewing tackle box

I made many of my clothes when I was living at home. Taught by my Mum and Grandma McArdle. Straight out of school I studied a Certificate of Fashion and my “kit” was very similar to this one. I could find my tailor’s chalk, pins, scissors or unpicker in a second.

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Toy cars

organise cars in tacklebox



Take your own fun wherever you go. Off to Grandmas for the night or  over to a friend’s to play, or just need somewhere to store the collection this hack is a bewdy. This photo is of part of my boys’ toy car collection. Special smaller cars can go in the trays on top. Larger vehicles like monster trucks or trailers can go in the bottom. Pack up at the end of each play session is easy.


makeup in tackle box hack

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Take your makeup wherever you go with this clever set up. Whether you’re off to a friend’s for the night, traveling to a wedding or heading out after work. Keep everything at your fingertips and in its place in a tacklebox. To be honest, this image is a specialised makeup case rather than a traditional tacklbox.. but the idea is just the same.

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Hair accessories

hair accessories tackle box hack

If you have 1 or more girls in your household, you can’t go wrong with this using a tackle box to contain the collection. Wrangle the hair ties, pins, clips, brushes, combs and more by allocating a small compartment to each item.


batteries in tackle box

Each compartment in this box is specially labelled to show exactly where to find each battery. Let the segments dictate the permanent home for items. It’s easy to see the items you are running low on when the batteries are kept all together rather than in the bottom of the junk drawer.


First aid

first aid tackle box hack

First aid or medical supplies are often needed in a hurry. Listening to a toddler wail in pain with a skinned knee is distressing. This system allows you to find and grab what you need quickly and administer the treatment without fuss.

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