How To: Easy storage for makeup

Last week we looked at easy storage for toys. We discussed that the purpose of easy storage is to create a permanent home for your items so they can be easily packed up after use. Packing up after every use moves you towards an easier and simpler life. Very similar rules can be used to store makeup.

The problem organising (and keeping organised) and storing makeup stems from these common characteristics: 

  1. Multiple like items
  2. Numerous parts and pieces, and they are
  3. Often frequently used so they are often visible

Before you plan your easy storage for your makeup have a look at the previous two blogs to help you declutter what you have: How To: Sort, declutter and store toys using my Organising S.Y.S.T.E.M © and  How to: Easy storage for toys and see how we applied the principles in step 5 suggesting containers should suit your budget, be easy to repeat and be easy to maintain.

In this blog I’d like to suggest 3 easy storage options for makeup that addresses the three points above of organising multiple like items and lots of bits and pieces that are used often:

1. Easy storage in drawers:

Use a set of drawers to separate by category (image courtesy Twin Lilies Beauty on This example has multiple drawers and would easily accommodate lipsticks in one drawer, eye shadow in another etc.

Alternatively you may have every-day makeup in a certain drawer and your special occasion makeup in another.

This system is easy to repeat and easy to maintain because each item will have a permanent home that can be seen at a glance.


2. Make it portable:

If you don’t have a lot of space for a permanent home for your makeup in your bathroom/ensuite, make the storage portable.

Store your makeup close-by (linen press, under the bed, in your wardrobe) and move it to where you apply your makeup, and then pack it all up and put it away again.

Suitable carry cases can be found at many places including KMart and Bunnings (often with a lid, removable trays, lots of segments).

Budget permitting use a purpose made makeup case like in this image courtesy of



3. Divide and conquer:

If you do have space available in your bathroom/ensuite, dedicate a drawer as a permanent home for your makeup.

Use dividers in the drawer to separate by category (image courtesy 

As with storing plasticware (How to: Use and store your plasticware), dividers are a great way to keep things from falling all over the place and making a mess.

Dividers such as these can be found at Kmart. The Reject Shop and Howards Storage World.

Alternatively, if you are storing your makeup in a cupboard rather than a drawer dividers can also be used like a drawer that slides out so you can reach items towards the back of the cupboard.

Pack up after every use!

Finally the key to keeping your collection of makeup organised is to pack up after every use! Make time in your schedule to put lids back on your lipstick, close cases, clean makeup brushes and wipe up any spillages. Be diligent and return everything to its permanent home before running out the door.

Taking time to create a permanent home for makeup is well worth the effort to move you towards a simpler life.

How do you store your makeup? I’d love to hear your thoughts and see some pictures. Please share below your favourite way to  keep in control.

Need some more inspiration, check out these ideas on my Pinterest page.

If you need a hand because your makeup have taken over your space check out my decluttering services  or  Contact me today for a chat about how storing your stuff in ways that suit your budget, are easy to repeat and maintain will make a difference to your life.