Get organised to beat the Winter blues!

get organised and beat the Winter bluesHappy Winter readers! Although we have had a fairly mild Autumn here in Melbourne , I’m already starting to feel myself getting weighed down by the Winter blues. To combat the grey skies and blustering winds I’ve put these 6 tips together to warm you up and get you organised at the same time.

  1. Spring-clean in Winter

    Why wait til spring to Spring  to “Spring-clean”? Tackle your clutter areas now before they get out of hand. Spend just 5 minutes a day on 2 problem areas over the next 3 weeks and you will be astonished what you can achieve.

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  2. Get outside and go for a walk

    Yes, it is Winter, and yes it is cold, but rug up and get outside anyway. Once you get moving you’ll soon warm up. Before you know it you’ll removing layers. When you get home you will be more motivated to get stuff done.

  3. Get out the slow cooker and cook up a storm

    Winter is a great time to cook in bulk. Choose a few of your favourite recipes, put some time aside to shop for the ingredients and cook up a storm. Why not cook extra and freeze the left overs and pull them out of the freezer in a week or two for a delicious quick meal.

  4. Invite friends over for dinner

    What better way to get motivated to clean up the house than to host a party. Any old excuse will do, but how about Winter Solstice (21 June), Christmas in July or get some of your friends around to watch a footy match.

  5. Plan your meals with a different country cuisine each week

    Put some time aside to plan your meals for the next 3 weeks. Choose a different country for each week and plan at least 3 meals in that week from that country. Fill up the rest of the week with your favourite Aussie food.

  6. Start “Speed Cleaning”

    Forget about spending your whole weekend cleaning the house… start speed cleaning Haven’t been speed cleaning before? Download this cheat sheet to lean Speed Cleaning

Leave a comment below if you have some other great ideas to get yourself organised and beat the Winter blues at the same time.

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