8 Simple storage ideas that every bathroom needs


simple storage ideas every bathroom needs


Whether you’re designing a new bathroom, renovating or just giving your stuff a good overhaul. Here’s 8 simple storage ideas that every bathroom needs.

laundry hamper

1. Laundry basket – choose a laundry basket the same size as your washing machine capacity. When it’s full you know it’s time to throw on a load. A large pull out drawer is a great way to hide it,

bathroom drawer dividers
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2. Drawer dividers – ensure all items in the bathroom has a permanent home. Drawer dividers are a great way to keep everything in its place.

bathroom sink storage
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3. Spares on hand – if space permits keep 1 spare hand wash, toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner on hand so you don’t get stuck in a tricky situation. Keep only limited sock in the bathroom to avoid getting in a mess.

shower caddy
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4. Shower caddy – get the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor etc off the ground and into a shower caddy. If you are redesigning your bathroom create a recess in the wall for these items.

bathroom towel rail

5. Towel rail – ensure each person in the family has a dedicated spot to hang their towel. Encourage family members to use their towel and return it to the bathroom so you don’t get caught by someone else using your towel. Ideally install a wide rail to allow towels to hang unfolded so they dry quickly.

bathroom sink storage
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6. Under sink storage – use containers, drawers, or a caddy to organise the under sink area. Modern bathrooms have wide open shelves for easy access. Consider adding drawer runners to narrow cupboards or add drawers only to a new bathroom for easy access.

vertical bathroom storage
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7. Vertical storage – If you are still stuck for space, try using the walls for extra storage.

bathroom display storage
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8. Add some flare – Use containers or tray to create easy to access and beautiful storage on top of the cabinet.

Use 1 or all of these tips to create simple storage in your bathroom to keep it organised and looking great.

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