Services after injury or challenges with age and those with NDIS plan

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Declutter and organise your space after injury, illness or challenges with age

Have you or someone you know recently suffered an injury or illness, or are facing challenges as they get older?

How it works

I work with people in their home to make their lives easier and less stressful. This includes clients who need some assistance to rearrange their accommodation to suit their needs now that they are getting older and facing health challenges.
Services for older people or those that have health issues (including those with NDIS Plan)  include:
  • decluttering
  • reorganising items in their home for mobility and accessibility
  • paperwork management (including medical paperwork** – what should they keep, what’s been claimed etc)
  • bill management (set up of automated direct debit payments)
  • easy meal planning
  • preparation for downsizing or move to retirement home (including decluttering, packing and unpacking).


Decluttering can be an exhaustive, yet emotionally uplifting process. I’ll be there to help you and keep you on track towards your goal of a less cluttered living space that suits your needs when faced with injury, illness or challenged by age (let’s face, as we age, there are lots of things we can’t do that we use to).

Don’t worry—I won’t be forcing you to throw away your beloved items and cherished keepsakes. On the contrary, I’m interested in helping you create a home filled with possessions that you love, use and enjoy.

**Declutter your medical paperwork

  • Have you been to a few doctor or specialist appointments lately and now have a pile of paperwork you’re not sure what to do with?
  • The piles keep growing and you are unsure if you have further benefits to claim from Medicare or your health insurer and you just don’t know where to start.
  • With 10 years medical accounts experience at Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club I can work with you to swiftly sort through each document to help to decide what you need to keep, what you can let go and organise and file the remainder in an easy to access file.

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Julie Cliff at Space and Time is now an NDIS registered provider

Need help?

See Working with Me for details and rates and then contact me today to book a session to start decluttering.

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