Mrs Secondhand can help you get rid of your stuff

Many of my decluttering workshop participants tell me they find it easier to let go of stuff they no longer need if it can go to a good home, or they can get some money for it. I spoke to Jody Galvin from Mrs Secondhand recently to ask her about the goods they take off people’s hands.

Jewellery & Coins

I asked Jody if she was able to help people to get rid of coins or jewellery.  “We don’t generally buy smaller items such as coins/jewellery but can recommend Leonard Joel in South Yarra for that stuff (they’ll also value it for free to see if it’s actually worth selling)”.


Mrs SecondhandDo you buy furniture? ” First thing required is that clients need to photograph items and email them to us ( We’ll see if it’s items we’re interested in having. If we can’t help we’ll certainly suggest how to get rid of it. This link explains how it all works  at Mrs Secondhand”.

We take all era’s of furniture including ex -display but don’t take white goods/electrical items & gym equipment. We are able to arrange pick up in our truck – if we’re paying cash for items we only pay a wholesale price and factor in time to pick it up in our cash offer”.

“The other option is consignment – client gets 60% of the sale and pick up fee’s are involved but not paid upfront, they come off once goods are sold. Clients will often get a better return when goods are on consignment but they have to wait for the goods to be sold – we generally only take goods we know are going to sell and don’t take goods that are damaged/need repairs. We know what sells and what doesn’t and we have over 13k people following us on line so have access to a lot of customers and don’t have to worry about time wasters as the shop is open Thurs – Sun 10-5pm – 11 Ann Street Brunswick 3057.
Thanks to Jody for her input into this blog, I’m sure the information will come in very handy for many people starting their decluttering journey.
Please contact me here if you have other stuff you need to get rid of and you’re not sure where to go. Or join in the conversation on the Space and Time Facebook page here.