Julie Cliff talks to Iain Messer about Professional Organising on 3WBC 94.1FM

On Thursday 3rd August I was a very excited guest on  3WBC (Whitehorse Boroondara Community) 94.1FM.

I had a very entertaining chat with presenter Iain Messer on his program about how I help busy families get organised in their homes.

The chat included all sorts of things including:

  • how I help organise many areas of people’s homes such the linen press, toys and Tupperware.
  • Iain suggested great use of space under stair cases.
  • creating a permanent home for your things (especially important items such as your keys).
  • gadgets like rice cookers.
  • ideas for letting things go and where your stuff goes once you get rid of it.
  • Iain also gave a great recipe for how to cook the perfect rice!
Listen to the whole interview – Track 1.

If you need a hand sorting out clutter in your home, check out my services or contact me to discuss how we can work together.

Iain can be heard each week on Thursday from 2 – 4 on his radio show “Messeround” – http://3wbc.org.au/streaming/