Clear blockages in your body and your home to stop your mind racing

Clearing blockages in your body and home can make you feel calmer and more relaxed. It's a pretty simple process, but often we forget that our homes are just as important as our physical health.

One of the most amazing things about running my own business is the fabulous people I meet along the journey. Recently I met Debbie Barker, Reiki Master and we instantly found synergies in the work we do to help people. You can put a stop to chronic stress and take back control of your weight and at the same time it may clear blockages in your body and your home. Understand how you can regain control of your life, or at the very least, take steps toward reclaiming it.

We’ve collaborated on this blog to share tips to clear blockages in your body and your home to stop your mind racing.

Debbie Barker, Reiki Master,

You wake up in the middle of the night and your mind starts going. It is hard to stop. And then it is hard to fall back to sleep! You wake up feeling groggy and your body feels tight.

I bet you put everyone ahead of you. You do for them before you do for yourself. 

It is time to STOP! Take time for YOU. 

Debbie’s tip 1 – Practice self-care. 

It could be getting your nails done, enjoying a massage, or getting together with a girlfriend, etc. Do whatever makes you feel good inside – what would put a smile on your face. 

Debbie’s tip 2 – Try a Reiki/Energy session.  

You might have some trapped emotions that need clearing or blocks in your energy field that can be removed. Once you clean up the energy in the body, your muscles will relax, and your mind will stop racing. My guides might give you “homework” to do to keep this relaxed feeling in place. 

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Another helpful idea to stay relaxed is to clean up the energy in your surroundings.  And here is where you will want to use the services of Julie Cliff, Declutter Coach at Space and Time. She is amazing!!!

Julie Cliff, Declutter Coach at Space & Time

I love what Debbie wrote. My declutter coaching clients often have “emotions that need clearing or blocks in your energy field that can be removed”. It’s so true. And it’s true for clutter that needs clearing and blocks energy too. It’s almost impossible to do anything from under piles of clutter.

So do yourself a favour and clear your clutter for these 3 reasons and stop your mind racing.

Julie’s tip 1 – Stop more stuff coming into your home. 

Less stuff means there is less to pick up, walk around, clean or move before you clean. 

Julie’s tip 2 – Start by putting on the timer for 5 minutes. 

Less stuff to look at and overstimulate your mind as you think “I should do something with that pile of paperwork” and push it aside so you can use the dining room table. 

Julie’s tip 3 – Let go of things you no longer need.

Less stuff means more time for activities of your choice so your mind can slow down, relax and unwind. 

The next step

Try the above tips from Debbie and Julie to clear the blockages in your body and home.

Still too hard?

If you need to clear mental clutter and stop your mind from racing and you just can’t seem to do it yourself get in touch with Debbie here or Julie here