Changing habits: how to make good ones and break the bad ones

My post today continues on the theme of setting up healthy habits to keep your momentum going for a successful year.

In the article I’ve  just read by, Ellen Jackson, Psychologist, Professional Coach and writer for, she explains what habits are and how to break habits and how create new ones. (Read whole article: Changing habits: how to make good ones and break the bad ones)

In the article Ellen says “I’m keen to up my productivity by cutting out some mindless daily phone scrolling”. What habit would you like to break? (It’s my automatic ‘I don’t know what to do next’ activity. Or more accurately my ‘I know what I need to do next but it’s difficult/boring/frustrating and so I’ll just mindlessly do this instead’ activity.) If I can stop doing it I reckon I’ll reclaim at least an hour a day.” I think she might free up even more time than this if she can kick this habit.

I too am guilty of scrolling through the various Facebook groups I’m on, reading about running a small business, but then I catch myself and say “what am I looking for!?” I am going to put Ellen’s tips into practice and see if I can free up some time by doing less mindless phone scrolling.

Making new habits stick –
1. Notice the trigger (the thing you want to change) eg: I want to stop mindless phone scrolling.
2. Work out how the behaviour rewards you (phone scrolling makes me feel like I’m busy and that I’m doing something productive with my downtime. Of course I also find myself phone scrolling when I’m procrastinating… when I haven’t clearly defined the “next action” on my to-do list – a topic to talk about another day)
3. Find something else that gives you the same reward (instead of phone scrolling I will spend 1 minute meditating – which I think is much more productive for me and will help clear my head).

I’ll let you know how I go!

What habit would you like to break and what would you like to replace it with?

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