5 tips to choose a diary that’s right for you



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There are 5 important things to consider when choosing a diary or planner.

These 5 things are related to how you’re going to use your diary.

As a professional organiser my client focus it to ensure the system, process or storage we set up works for the client. It’s the same with a diary – it needs to be right for how it is going to be used.

1. LAYOUT (eg: day to a page, appointments, week to a page)
  • Are you going to use the it for notes throughout the day (perhaps you need a day to a page, A4 size so you have the space for your notes)
  • Is the diary to be used for appointments only? Consider the appointment length required.
  • Do you want to see the whole week to get the flow right?
  • Or is looking at the whole week too overwhelming?
2. SIZE  – do you need to take size into consideration
  • Will you be carrying the diary around with you – will A4, day to a page be too heavy to carry with you? A5 or even pocket size my be easier to carry with you.
  • Will the diary be sitting on your desk all day and hence size (and weight) is not such a concern?
  • Is the look of the  planner important to you?
  • What colour would you like, what kind of binding? (I have a spiral bound diary as I love to lay my diary flat on the desk)
  • Do you like to be creative and colour code appointments or do you like to bullet journal as per the image above?
  • Are you just buying for yourself and can lash out a bit and spend a bit more, or
  • Are you buying for all the employees in the company and have a budget to consider?
  • Do you want to capture Goals & Projects?
  • Do you need to keep a track of your to-do lists?
  • Do  you want to use it as a life planner also?

The Office National Dandenong Website has a tool to select your diaries by your personal preferences. Here’s the link https://bit.ly/2p5GogN

Considering the 5 tips above will help you choose the right diary for you.

What sort of diary do you use? Perhaps you’re a digital person, or use a combination below – I’d love to hear your thoughts info@spaceandtime.com.au

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