Donation options for items you no longer need

If you’ve got too much stuff at home and you don’t know how to get rid of it all, perhaps the below donation resources will be helpful to you. Need more options to donate clothes? see another whole resource page here.

Websites to sell / give away items

Ebay, Freecycle, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree , Zilch.

Book donation points

Other street libraries near Ashburton
Located at: Molesworth Street, Canterbury Primary School
Our libraries are run and maintained by the students of Canterbury Primary School. We appreciate book donations, direct to the street libraries or to the school office during school hours. As the libraries have been constructed by 9yr olds, we would also appreciate that great care is taken when interacting with our libraries. Happy reading!
Appy’s Place (retired librarian) ‘A warm welcome to every reader young and old wishing to share their love of the written book by donating or borrowing from our street library’
3 Butler St Camberwell
A community Library for all
110 Wattle Valley Road Camberwell Victoria 3124

This article may also be of interest to you if you love books – it explains some of the reasons we are so attached to books –

ACT – Canberra region to donate to the Lifeline Book Fairs

Medical Stuff

Xray disposal

The Lions Club gives refurbished prescription glasses, hearing aids and contact lens to people in developing countries.

You can also put your pre-loved glasses, including sunnies, into the recycling box at your local Specsavers store and they’ll get them to the Lions Club.

Individuals can post old X-rays to Ecocycle  and they’ll recover the silver on it in an environmentally friendly way and any first-aid kit-style medical supplies will be distributed to countries in need via Airborne Aid.

Craft, fabric and textiles

Reverse garbage

Corks – and

Wool – or search “donate wool Melbourne” for more ideas

Some natural fibres can be composted. Check out how in this comprehensive guide –
Look up clothing donation and textiles donations here.
Perhaps still check in with nearby op shops. A Space and Time follower told me “I volunteer at has a pile in the back area for fabric recycling etc that gets taken once a month by another non-for-profit group”
Savers & Salvos starting to take damaged clothing – call before donating

Feather pillows – I have been unable to come up with places to recycle feather pillows… anyone got any ideas?

“Green” Shopping Bags (the old style, green fabric ones) – here are some great ways to use them for things other than shopping –, or if they are badly damaged can be recycled through the redcycle collection at your local supermarket – and

Mrs Secondhand

Big Stuff

Places to sell furniture – Abbey’s AuctionsMrs Secondhand, 

Mattress Recycling  – Melbourne

Furniture Recycling –  Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Gold Coast 

White Goods Recycling – Melbourne

West Welcome Wagon  – Over 500 households of asylum seekers from over 30 different countries living in Melbourne’s west are assisted by West Welcome Wagon which helps furnish their homes. Televisions, washing machines, beds, fridges, dining tables, drawers, rugs and many more household items will be accepted as long as they are in good working order with no tears, stains, chips or broken pieces.

Bathroom Stuff

The plastics in makeup packaging, brushes, hair bands, clips, shampoo and conditioner bottles (minus their contents) can all be recycled in TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes, which you can also get through Flora & FaunaBrands such as Kiehl’s  and MAC will also accept their packaging back and give you some bonus product as an incentive to keep recycling.

Baby stuff 

The Nappy Collective collects unused nappies and redistributes them to the quarter of a million children in 140,000 families around Australia experiencing nappy stress.

Pre-loved nursery equipment, clothes and toys for babies and children (aged up to 16) can be donated to St Kilda Mums, and in NSW Second Chance Toys give gently-used, unbroken plastic toys to children in need.

Garage stuff 

Bikes 4 Life give bicycles to people in developing countries.

Kids Tennis Foundation accepts used tennis balls and racquets; while

Paintback takes unwanted paint while batteries can be recycled here.

Tools can be donated by contacting Reverse Garbage , Mens Shed, Brunswick Tool Library , Sharing Shed and letting them know what you have or try your luck at the Camberwell Market.

Battery storage –

Pet stuff

Pets Haven will take cat scratching poles, dog beds and even horse floats to help look after abused and neglected animals.

RSPCA will take some things. “Items we will gratefully accept

  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Polyester doonas
  • Pillow cases
  • Face washes
  • Pet beds

Stationery stuff 

Terracycle – drop-off points around Australia or if you’re wanting to collect pens in larger quantities you can also earn cash for your chosen charity.

In Sydney, the Stationery Reuse Centre at UNSW accepts once-loved and re-purposed pens, highlighters, rulers and provides them free for students.

Officeworks will recycle your old IT equipment, ink and toner cartridges and mobile phones.

Shredding – Office works also have a shredding service if you have personal paperwork you need to get rid of.

Shredding – Iron Mountain also pick up personal paperwork for shredding.

Overhead transparencies can be recycled through Red Cycle,

Wardrobe stuff 

Got some work clothes in excellent condition that would help a disadvantaged woman look and feel great at a job interview? Wear for Success and  Fitted for Work will accept everything from handbags, scarves and jewellery plus clothes of all styles and sizes. Dress for Success offers a similar service and have chapters in almost every state. Secondhand bras in good condition can be donated to Uplift Bras or Support the Girls.

Coat hangersSacred Heart Mission

Need more options to donate clothes? see another whole resource page here.

Travel stuff 

Who hasn’t come home with a few teeny-tiny toiletries from a hotel stay before? Depending on how often you travel for work or pleasure, you can end up with quite the collection. Every Little Bit Helps  and Share the Dignity will redistribute unwanted hotel toiletries – plus in-flight amenity kits, cosmetic and makeup samples – to the homeless, asylum seekers, troubled youths and victims of domestic violence.

Kitchen stuff

Enjoy some vino and got a cork collection? Grassroots artist reuse organisation Reverse Art Truck will give them to art educators, artists and crafters. Plastic bottle tops will become prosthetic hands for children via Envision and plastic bread tags can ultimately become wheelchairs. 

Foil trays can be put in your recycling bin according to Sustainability Victoria. Check with your local council.

Loungeroom stuff

CDs and vinyl: contact Dixons , Planet Ark, Audio Recycle, Revolve Records and Relics or contact 3MBS and ask them about their music drive – 3MBS holds 2 music sales a year. CD’s, LP’s and all sheet music except church music. Contact 95392199 for donating. They have all year round storage and collection in some areas..

Sheet Music – try contacting Da Capo Music in Sydney, they may have contacts for Melbourne. Music Australia may also take donations of music books and sheet music. See also 3MBS above.

Paintings – op shops, auction houses, try an art show in your front yard with “free to good home”

VHS Video Cassette Recycling – Melbourne –  (Services – Recycling and Waste Services) Yarra City Council have e-waste recycling banks that also accept VHS tapes.

Bedroom stuff 

If you’re updating your bedding, the RSPCA will take polyester doonas, blankets, sheets, pillowcases plus towels and face washers, which will then become bedding for animals in their care.

Donate Direct will take bed frames, and also create matches between exactly what’s needed and what’s being donated

National social enterprise Soft Landing salvages and recycles metal, foam and timber from old mattresses.

Repairs at little or no charge

Graythorn Community Hub,

St Kilda Repair Cafe,

North Balwyn Repair Cafe,

Ringwood Repair Cafe

Can’t find a donation point for something you have – check out these other Recycling Directories

Planet Ark –

Recycle Now –

Sustain Me –

Sustainability Victoria –