Your daily routine is the key to making your new years resolutions come true


Daily routine key to success

So you’ve had some time off enjoying the festive season, set yourself some goals for the new year… now what?  How are you going to  get your goals off the page and into your life?  Here’s how my clients have great success.

Break goals down

Choose one goal and break it  down into tiny pieces. For example, you want to eat healthier. What do you need to do each day to make this happen? Ask yourself

  • what are you going to eat?
  • how much are you going to eat?
  • where are you going to buy your food?
  • do you need to research healthy eating or talk to an expert?
  • what support do you need from friends and family?

There are many other things to consider so you have all the answers and the best chance of success, but you get the idea on the minuscule details I’m talking about.

Put it in the diary

Once you have broken your goal into tiny pieces put the pieces into your calendar with notifications on your phone. For example, a tiny piece of “eat healthier” is meal planning. Put a time in the diary each week to sit down and plan what you’re going to eat and and another time in the diary each each week to go shopping/order online.

Creating a plan in this way is half the battle. Tiny pieces of goals are easier to achieve. A clear plan will also mean you need to make less decisions “on-the-fly”.

stop giving up

Stick at it

Another large part to seeing your goals come into fruition is sticking to it. Sticking to a plan in this way will give you a tremendous sense of achievement and will propel you to success.

What next?

Grab a notebook and break your goals down into tiny pieces (start with the goal that would mean the most to you when you achieve it).

Print out a weekly planner and plot those tiny pieces to a specific time and day. Once you are happy with the plan,  transfer these actions to your electronic calendar with notifications that pop up on your phone.

Too hard?

I love to work with Mums to create a weekly routine so they are able to reach their goals with less stress and more success. Book a time with me to work one-on-one with you so you get 2019 off to a flying start.

Julie Cliff, Melbourne Professional Organiser at Space and Time specialises in home management systems for professional, working Mums. Mums that are having trouble keeping up with work, the kids’ school and after school commitments, household chores and, consequently, they are feeling exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed. Sound familiar? Julie would love to hear from you –

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