Workshop – Focus board – identify and focus on the important stuff

Julie presenting a recent workshop

If you’re a “doer” it’s so easy to get distracted by getting more stuff done. But attempting to get more done can lead to overwhelm and anxiety because you feel like you’re not doing any of it well. The Focus Board Workshop explores ways to make your life simpler by identifying and staying focused on a small handful of projects over the next 12 months.

During this interactive workshop we will discuss how to:

  • make life less complicated by understanding how it became that way
  • consider why we take on so much
  • examine where all your to-dos come from
  • understand how we get distracted by new ideas
  • choose which to-dos to get done by referencing the 2021 Projects page
  • make these projects a part of your daily life.

You will leave this workshop with:

  • detailed workbook with templates to identify important projects
  • strategies to stay focused to implement immediately at home.
  • specific blog resources and templates from

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