Group declutter coaching

Next intake: To be announced😉

Group declutter coaching which helps people to have time management and it will leave the feeling overwhelmed and drowning in a sea of tasks. It is important to do what you need to do, right now. Organise your day and prioritise accordingly.

De-stress your life with clear space and freedom of time with group coaching* with Declutter Coach, Julie Cliff.

(*note all sessions to be held online via Zoom)

Imagine what your spaces would look like if you worked to declutter consistently, diligently, and with clear goals in mind over the next 3 months.

Imagine the clear spaces in your kitchen, loungeroom, bedroom, and your neat and tidy pantry.

Sound awesome? Then join me at the next intake of the online group coaching (via Zoom) and achieve the results you’ve been meaning to get around to for years.

Group coaching gives you:

  • affordable coaching option
  • increased commitment to your goal without the intensity of one-on-one coaching
  • access to knowledge in a community when you know you learn best in group settings
  • support and ideas of others that are going through the same challenges as you
  • unhurried pace with group accountability
  • witness other’s solutions for ideas and inspiration for your own journey.

Group coaching includes:

6 weeks x 1 hour, group coaching sessions via Zoom (see the details for both programs below).

  • Delve into the habits behind getting and staying organised: a clear vision of what you want to achieve, decision making, techniques for letting go of stuff, how to avoid shiny objects, and how to make new habits stick
  • Additional 30-minute “help me!” call with Julie per month
  • Workbook and 30-day checklist


Participants find that group coaching helps them:

  • dramatically reduce clutter
  • get clear on priorities
  • get the important things done,
  • enjoy weight lifted off your shoulders, feel lighter, free, and liberated from the paralysing weight of your stuff.

Want faster results and more accountability? Try one-on-one coaching


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