One-on-one declutter coaching

Julie Cliff presenting decluttering workshop
Declutter Coach Julie Cliff, Space and Time

Say goodbye to your clutter and overburdened schedule once and for all AND get your calendar and life organised with 3 or 6 month, one-on-one coaching packages with Declutter Coach, Julie Cliff.

One-on-one coaching gives you:

  • personalised attention to delve deeper into your specific challenges (rather than the general group discussion)
  • greater flexibility
  • weekly accountability to keep you motivated to take control of your life
  • mindset mastery tips to maintain focus
  • tailored plan to fast-track your journey.

One-on-one declutter coaching includes:

12 week x 1 hour, one-on-one declutter coaching (2 weeks per step of SYSTEM)


6 OR 12 week x 1 hour, one-on-one maintenance session to make new habits stick

  • Delve into the habits behind getting and staying organised
  • Create a clear vision of what you want to achieve, improve decision making
  • Explore techniques for letting go of stuff, how to avoid shiny objects and how to make new habits stick
  • Additional hour “help me!” call with Julie per month
  • Workbook and 30 day checklist


Participants find that one-on-one declutter coaching helps them:

  • dramatically reduce clutter
  • get clear on priorities
  • get the important things done done,
  • enjoy weight lifted off your shoulders, feel lighter, free and liberated from the paralysing weight of your stuff.

Talk to Juile about pricing for the the 3 and 6 month program.

One-on-one coaching not for you? Try group coaching.