Clear goals make priority setting easy

goals make life easier

Do you find that the days just whiz by and you only just get a chance to get the basics done leaving the big things behind in the dust? Set clear goals and watch the priority setting fall into place and allow you to tackle things that matter.

Set aside 10 minutes thinking about goals for the next 12 months in the 7 framework areas below. If you are struggling to get the right words, brain storm all your ideas and then go back and review.

Download the below template by clicking on the image to capture your thoughts.


priority setting through goals

Seven areas to set your goals

  1. Health
  2. Finances
  3. Personal development
  4. Spirituality including meditation or community
  5. Romance
  6. Business or professional
  7. Recreation or fun.

Write out your goals and keep them visible

Write your final goals as though you have achieved then eg: I feel strong when I run 3km, 3 times a week. When you read them back to yourself your mind will believe it to be true and start to sway your daily actions.

Review your goals often

Read your goals each morning and night to keep them top of mind to assist with decision making.

add actions to your diary

Put your daily actions in the diary

It’s not enough to just review the goals. Regularly commit time to each area. Once you have thought about where your focus should be put the actions in the diary.

Use goals to review your to do list and set priorities

Review your to do list with focus on your goals. If the to-do item is not going to help you achieve your goal, it is either a lower priority item or, perhaps, it does not need to be done at all. Continue to focus on your goals each time you need to make a decision, set a priority or take action.

Next steps?

If you still need help setting priorities, read this article Use this matrix to help set priorities when everything is urgent.

Still need help?

I’d love to work with you to set goals and priorities and weave them into your daily life. Reach out to me at or if you’re ready to start work now, you can book me here.

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