Happy Birthday to Space and Time

Julie Cliff, Melbourne Professional Organiser

This month I’m delighted to be celebrating my 3rd year in business – Hip hip hooray!

Birthday celebrations at the start of a new year is an opportunity for me to refocus and plan the year ahead. I hope you too use this time of year to rethink how you want to spend your time (what do you want to spend more time doing, and what would you like to spend less time doing), and what do you want the space around you to look like.

Feel free to look around this site to see the services I offer. Follow my weekly blog for lots of tips on how to declutter your spaces, and plan your day with purpose  to create a life that you love. Also, like the Space and Time Facebook page to follow my daily posts on getting the boring stuff done around the home to free up time to do fun stuff.

What is Space and Time?

Tired of clutter? Not getting everything done in your day? Busy, stressed and overwhelmed? I can help you!

Space and Time specialises in providing help for busy families who need to find more time, are drowning in clutter and stuff or simply need help getting organised.

With my help, you can create space that’s clutter free and welcoming, find time in your day to get your tasks done and live an easier, less stressful life.

I truly believe that being organised with your time and your stuff can lead to a happier and better life! I’ve helped plenty of busy people (see testimonials here),  and I would love to help you too.

Julie Cliff
Owner and Founder, Space and Time



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